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About NEOREKA Cloud PC

Your computer is ready in the cloud. This is called a "Virtual Desktop Environment." That's why you can access your computer from anywhere with any device as long as you have an internet connection.

NEOREKA Cloud PC is like a huge office environment that provides an unlimited "Virtual Desktop Environment" as an IT service to each customer by using a huge group of servers (cloud).

In addition, we have adopted a monthly "subscription model" so that you can use the service on a monthly basis when you need it and for the time you need it. This service model is called DaaS.


Moreover, the basic monthly basic service charge is 2,980 Yen / user (without tax). So far, the services that provide virtual desktop environments were so-called bespoke and expensive. By implementing a new cloud service called public DaaS, NEOREKA Cloud PC is able to provide customers with safe, secure, inexpensive and high-performance services.


NEOREKA Cloud PC promotes "new ways of working" and Digital Transformation (DX) in the age of using IT across organizations, companies, and industries, including telework and telecommuting.

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