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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Neo Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), with the customer first principle, provides outstanding services suitable for our products with high quality and high performance. This policy is consistent in the acquisition, handling and protection of customer personal information, and we are sincerely working not only on our company but also in the entire Neo Japan Group, including our subsidiaries. We will publicly disclose our privacy statement here, and in order to gain the trust and understanding of our customers, we will endeavor to properly handle your personal information based on the following principles.

  • We collect personal information after clarifying the purpose of use.

  • The Company will not disclose or provide the personal information provided to a third party unless the customer gives consent or there is a valid reason.

  • We have a manager in each department that handles personal information, and strive to manage personal information appropriately.

  • The Company will endeavor to prevent information loss, falsification, leakage, etc. by conducting rational technical measures and enlightening activities for employees, such as personal information databases.

  • We will promptly respond within a reasonable range if the customer wishes to inquire, correct, delete, or suspend the use of personal information.

  • The Company will comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, other guidelines, etc., and will continually review the content of efforts and strive to improve.

Regarding the acquisition of personal information, the purpose of use, and the provision to third parties of our company The main personal information acquired by our company is as follows.

Name, address, workplace, department, position, industry, occupation, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, customer contact information such as customer number, credit card number, or other personally identifiable information, or Customer-specific information such as hobbies and preferences.

  1. Legal compliance Our company will handle your personal information in compliance with the law concerning the protection of personal information and other norms.

  2. Obtaining personal information

    1. Inquiries from customers using our products and services

    2. When registering for the seminar

    3. When registering in the e-mail magazine

    4. When you answer a questionnaire or apply for a prize or campaign

    5. When introducing new customers from customers who are using products and services

    6. When inquiring from customers, shareholders, the media, etc.

    7. When purchasing or using a product or service by trial of the service or application for use

  3. Purpose and provision of customer personal information

    1. To inform you about new products, new services, seminars, etc., and other information about our company

    2. To contact you for winning and to send prizes etc.

    3. To provide basic data for making products and services more fulfilling and valuable

    4. To send a thank you note for purchasing a product or service

    5. To answer the inquiries we receive

    6. To provide and support products and services

    7. In addition, to identify customers as necessary and to contact them, etc.

When responding to a telephone call with a customer, we may record a call with the customer in order to accurately understand the content of the inquiry from the customer and to improve the quality of the customer response.

The Company will not use the personal information provided for any purpose other than the above purposes and the purpose agreed upon when the information was provided. If it becomes necessary to use for any purpose other than these, we will notify you in advance.

If you do not wish to provide personal information, you may refuse to provide it, but in that case, we may not be able to use our services. In addition, the personal information obtained by the Company may be used in combination with personal information already held and personal information obtained from affiliates including contractors.

  1. Provision of customer's personal information to a third party

    • When outsourcing the business of sales, delivery, support, product guidance, payment, etc. to partner companies or outside within the scope of the collected purpose

    • With the consent of the customer to provide or share information

    • If the customer's conduct is contrary to the Terms of Use, Guidelines, etc., and is deemed necessary to protect the rights, property, services, etc. of other customers and the Company.

    • When it is recognized that there is an urgent need for life, body and property, and there is an urgent need.

    • When required to be provided by law

When outsourcing a part of the services provided to customers to a partner company, we conclude an outsourcing contract that includes confidentiality obligations, and disclose only the necessary information within the scope of the necessary purpose. In addition, we prohibit the use of information other than for the purpose of providing services.

  1. Appropriate management of customer's personal information We manage our customer's personal information responsibly, and we have established an organizational structure to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of our customer's personal information. , Implement safety management measures such as system aspects. For outsourcing companies, we will also guide you to strictly manage your personal information with the same guidelines.

  2. Regarding the handling of customer's personal information The customer's personal information managed and held by the Company will not be used for purposes other than those stated in 2 without the prior consent of the customer. If the customer wishes to disclose or correct the information, he / she will make a request by the procedure specified separately, and we will promptly respond within a reasonable range. Regarding the disclosure, deletion, correction, change, or suspension of use of your personal information, we will respond after making a request to the inquiry point by the method determined by our company and confirming the identity of the customer.

  3. Inquiries regarding personal information We accept inquiries regarding personal information protection such as disclosure requests, correction requests, suspension of use, complaints and consultations at the following contact points.





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