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NEOREKA Cloud PC realizes an office environment anywhere

Corporate challenges that challenge work style reform, will be resolved promptly

Many companies have been working on working methods such as remote work at home and Telework originating from the recent COVID-19. On the other hand, even though Japan has entered the era of 5G Network and has a high-speed communication infrastructure in place, many IT tools are being provided from cloud services, yet there are still many issues to be solved when implementing home-based remote work and Telework.

Furthermore, the strict prohibition of overtime and the demand for this Telework for work styles that demand greater productivity have made further problems visible. We have developed and provided communication tools for over 20 years, which have been used by more than 4.1 million customers. Listening to the voice of the customers, we have been considering solutions to this problem.

Then, in addition to the Groupware we provide, we have launched the new cloud service called "NEOREKA Cloud PC", which is a DaaS (Desktop as a Service). From SOHO, small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises, and government offices, it can be used at any scale to promote new work styles and truly create a world of digital transformation.


Please use our new service that aims to contribute to society with IT tools.

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Structure of NEOREKA Cloud PC service

What is DaaS (Desktop as a Service)?

Based on Microsoft Azure, it is possible to create and operate an unlimited virtual desktop area.


An enterprise administrator can access the administration screen, create a user, select an application to be used, and the environment for the user is set up immediately.


The system will be operated entirely by our company, so the burden on the administrator will be minimal.


Solving Corporate Issues

Why telework migration is not possible?

In the first place, Telework has three issues: cost, management, and security.


It is very strict for users to bear them. On the other hand, companies face potentially heavy burdens not only in terms of money but also in management man-hours.


DaaS and NEOREKA Cloud PC can solve these three major issues at once, and can make the company's response to Telework flexible and accelerated.


3 major challenges_07.21.png

NEOREKA Cloud PC services can be used immediately, anywhere, and can be used on any device.

Select any terminal, comfortable to use anywhere


Since it is not limited to devices, NEOREKA Cloud PC service can be used immediately without the need for new hardware investment by companies.

Of course, it is secure and safe. The system is protected by Microsoft's advanced security technology.

any device_eng.png

Make your cloud PC reasonably
and powerful !

Overwhelming service price of 2,980 yen (without tax) per user per month 

In addition to virtual desktops that can be used anywhere, DaaS Basic Service provides three applications from Microsoft's Offce 2019 for free.

We would like to take this opportunity to propose the use of the service as a Telework solution.


There will be more apps !

We are planning to expand the industry by collaborating with partners

Currently, DaaS basic services and Office applications, browsers and PDF readers are provided as standard, but in the future we plan to add applications that are useful to users to the NEOREKA Cloud PC app shop lineup.

We also accept requests from customers for "I want this kind of application." (Administrator request reception function)



For information on deknet's NEO cloud services, visit the official website below.

It becomes Telework's strongest tool when used together with desknnet's NEO Groupware !

A combination of tools for making documents and tools for making communications can respond to sudden telecommuting instructions.

In the environment of Telework for work style reform, it is essential to create documents securely and communicate with teams through the network.


Please use our desknet's NEO Groupware for team communication. By combining with NEOREKA Cloud PC, the Telework environment can be set at once.

4 steps jpeg.jpg

Virtual desktops are no longer an expensive service !

From bespoke to public service

Conventional virtual desktop services require enormous man-hours for system startup and operation, and most of them were made-to-order and expensive services for individual companies.

As a public IT service, NEOREKA Cloud PC is a service that can be used within a few minutes from one user, and the man-hours required for the administrator to support the system have been reduced to "0", making the virtual desktop service a service for all customers.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding NEOREKA Cloud PC services.

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