FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A collection of frequently asked questions about NEOREKA cloud services

Q. When is the billing timing?

A. The first month of application is free, and you will be charged from the 1st day of the following month.

[About usage fees]

Q. How long will the campaign price (1,580 yen / user) be applied?

A. We plan the campaign price until the end of 2020.

    (It may change depending on the application situation.)

[About usage fees]

Q. Can I pay by direct debit?

A. No. Currently not supported (under consideration).

[About usage fees]

Q. How do I contact support?

A. Please inquire using the ticket system from the administrator screen.

[Technical questions]

Q. Is it possible to exchange data with a local printer or file server?

A. Yes, it is possible by using Microsoft RDP module. But, it is not possible with WebRDP.

[Technical questions]

Q. Are there any restrictions on the specifications or OS of the machine used?

A. There is no problem as long as it is the latest browser or a machine running Microsoft's RDP module.

[Technical questions]

Q. I want to handle the NEOREKA Cloud.

A. Please contact our NEOREKA Cloud team.

    Please contact us via "Inquiries for Partners" from the Main Menu.

[Inquiries from dealers]


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