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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A collection of frequently asked questions about NEOREKA Cloud PC services


Q1. Isn't the price of using a cloud computer and software expensive?

A1. The price is very low at 2,980 yen (without tax) per user per month. It is very reasonable, since the costs just to purchase a suitable laptop and Office software almost 200,000 yen.

Q2. What is the unit of usage fee (yearly, half-yearly, monthly)? Can I make an annual contract?

A2. The service is available on a monthly basis. There is no such thing as an annual contract.


Q3. Are there any restrictions on the contract (minimum usage period, cancellation penalty, etc.)?

A3. No, there are no strings attached.


Q4. What are the specifications of the virtual computer, such as CPU and memory?

A4. NEOREKA Cloud service does not place any restrictions on the specifications of the computer environment, and the environment is automatically optimized according to the usage load. 

Q5. Can I increase the storage capacity of my cloud PC (virtual PC)?

A5. Yes, you can. You can increase the storage capacity in 5GB increments up to a maximum of 70GB, and the flat monthly rate per 5GB is 500 yen (without tax).

Q6. I have more than 70GB of space on my computer, what should I do?

A6. First of all, try to organize the data you usually use. You can also use a cloud storage or NAS to manage the data that exceeds the capacity. 

Q7. Is the OS used Windows 10 or Windows 11?

A7. The OS used is a Windows Server based Windows developed for business use.

Q8. I have an old computer with a slow start-up time, can I still use it to connect to the Internet? 

A8. Yes, NEOREKA Cloud PC is a virtual PC in the cloud, so it is not affected by the specs of the device you are using, and you will be able to use it comfortably once it is connected (this is for RDP connection. If you are using a browser connection, your computer specs will be affected.)


Q9. I want to use LINE, can I use it? 

A9. Yes, you can use the LINE client for Windows.

Q10. Can I use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator?

A10. We are currently considering providing them on the NEOREKA Cloud PC.

Q11. Can I use CAD software? 

A11. We are negotiating with software vendors to provide the most frequently requested software.


Q12. Is NEOREKA Cloud PC necessary because employees do not work outside the office or at home? 

A12. Of course, NEOREKA Cloud PC is a very effective tool for remote work, but when working with IT in the future, it will be very important for managers to maintain the environment. The era of owning information terminals such as computers has been replaced by the era of using them, and all kinds of terminals can now be operated in the same way as computers.
For further details, please feel free to contact us.

Q13. When do you use NEOREKA Cloud PC? 

A13. Cloud computing for personal computers is not simply a way to cope with changes in the way we work, but also to help improve the information environment of companies in the future. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is required by managers to protect their businesses, employees, and customers by preparing an environment that requires business continuity at the very least in response to disasters that have an impact on business management, such as corona disasters and sudden disasters. Cloud computing is often used as a management strategy for such BCP.
In terms of work style, cloud computing is useful for preparing a safe and easy (instant) information terminal environment for remote work and work from home. In addition, cloud computing reduces the cost of information terminals and software for companies, and greatly reduces the need for high security and operation. In the future, cloud-based information utilization will be useful as a basis for corporate DX (Digital Transformation).

Q14. I would like to take this opportunity to consider cloud computing for my company environment. 

A14. If you are considering moving your company environment to the cloud, you should consider installing high-speed Internet, wireless routers, and information terminals, as well as cloud computing, shared storage, cloud information sharing tools (such as groupware), and cloud-based business applications. We have a range of services that can help you install high-speed Internet, internal routers, and cloud computing.

Q15. Isn't it enough that we are already using cloud storage? 

A15. I think that sharing information through cloud storage is great because it promotes the DXification of the information environment and promotes the use of IT in companies. Why don't we go further with cloud computing here? By converting the computers themselves to the cloud, we can prepare for the risk of aging, failure, damage or loss, or create an environment where we don't have to worry about version upgrades. We also recommend that you consider groupware and other information sharing tools in the future. 


Q16. I want to access files on a file server in my company (information sharing), is this possible?

A16. Yes, as long as you have the means (e.g. VPN) and environment to access the files from outside the company. However, please note that access may not be possible depending on the system used. 

Q17. I want to access (share information with) a NAS in my company.

A17. Yes, you can, as long as the NAS has a function that allows you to access it from the Internet (Buffalo NAS, Web access function, etc.).

Q18. Is it possible to share information without accessing the internal server? 

A18. Yes, this is possible by using a storage service provided in the cloud. For example, Google Drive and OneDrive can be used free of charge for a certain amount of space.

Q19. How can I share and use files on multiple cloud PCs?

A19. This is possible by using a storage service provided in the cloud or a cloud-based groupware service. For example, storage services such as Google Drive and OneDrive can be used free of charge for a certain amount of space. As for cloud-based groupware, we recommend "desknet's NEO" by NEO Japan Inc.

Q20. Can I use the same user ID in different locations?

A20. Yes, you can use it. It is possible to access the same Cloud PC at different locations and at different times. However, only one person can access the Cloud PC using the same user ID (this is called "single access").

Q21. Can I use the same user ID from multiple locations at the same time? 

A21. No, you cannot. Only one person can access the Cloud PC at a time with the same user ID (this is called "single access"). The system will switch to the user who connects later, and the user who has been using the system will be disconnected and will no longer be able to use it (*the screen you are working on will be retained and taken over).

Q22. 仮想デスクトップにショートカットキーは作成できますか?

A22. はい、できます。但しショートカットの向け先(IPアドレスや接続先情報)が固定である場合のみ動作します。ローカルPCやローカルネットワークにつながっているファイルサーバー等は、NEOREKAクラウドPCが立ち上がるたびに、ダイナミックに接続先設定が変わってしまいますので、ショートカットキーへ設定することはできませんのでご注意ください。

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