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Use your Windows PC in the cloud !

Ultra-high-speed communication and use of the cloud will revolutionize the way you work !

Use the cloud to create a simple and flexible Windows virtual desktop PC as the new public service called DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

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Affordable DaaS
that can be used even by 1 user

NEOREKA Cloud PC, the new cloud solution, is a public DaaS

(Desktop as a Service) that allows user to use a Virtual Desktop Environment supported by advanced security and system operation services,

available from 1 user at an affordable price.


ホーム: ようこそ!

Simple, Easy, Powerful and Reasonable !!


¥ 2,980 monthly
per user

Virtual desktop comes with

3 Office apps

starting from ¥ 2,980 monthly (without tax)

Even for 1 user can apply for NEOREKA Cloud PC. Moreover, the virtual desktop service comes with three Office applications (Word, Excel, Power Point), and the monthly usage fee per user starts from ¥ 2,980  (without tax).


Compared to other DaaS providers, NEOREKA Cloud PC has an overwhelming cost performance and an easy-to-understand price structure, which contributes to the reduction of the company's TCO (Total Cost Ownership).


Can be used on any device

The same Windows desktop

is available for Windows,

Mac and Chrome Book

The virtual desktop technology can be used in the same environment on any device, including Windows PCs, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, and Chrome Book.

To use, connect from the WRD (Windows Remote Desktop) module or browser.

Managed and operated by "Microsoft Azure",  
world-class level of security

The administrator does not need to perform troublesome system management and operation

Protected by a strong security system, we provide 24/7 operation monitoring, guarantee a monthly operating rate of 99.9%, and continue to provide stable services.

In addition, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) communication on the cloud is encrypted, and since it uses Screen Transfer Technology, it enables extremely high security communication and high-speed communication that does not easily depend on the specifications of the user device.

In addition, you can safely and easily use it from anywhere, even if you are on a business trip

or on a mobile transportation system, as long as you have an environment connected to the Internet. Also, with the Screen Transfer Technology used even on old PCs performance can be fully reusable.

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Cloud PC Service Features

Business Usage Scene

safe and responsive

NEOREKA Cloud PC, a solution for telework that also leads to work style reforms.

We solve the three major issues of companies in telework, "Cost, Management, and Security" and provide safe services.

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Even if you suddenly need to Work From Home (Telework) with the new COVID-19 countermeasure, you do not need to put the company's asset software in your personal computer or worry about the security problem due to external connection. You can use the safe and secure teleworking environment, which is possible only with a virtual desktop, at a minimum cost.



Used for rental space, telecommuting, and satellite work


Security and software asset management are key requirements for telework.


With NEOREKA Cloud PC, we provide a secure environment and reliable software management with or without personal terminals.


Educational Tools

Effective use by sharing a small number of PCs

Personal computers are not yet widespread in educational settings. In many cases, replacement is not progressing and old old PCs are still used.

With NEOREKA Cloud PC, you can effectively use a small number of PCs while safely providing each individual environment.


Cross-Project Use

For temporary use

of projects across companies

The larger the project,

the more important it is to share information with external members.

To share and manage important information, NEOREKA Cloud PC is used to provide project members with an environment for a limited period of time, enabling secure business execution.



Business Application Terminal

Construction sites used by unspecified large number of people.

Securely use apps dedicated to management tasks in shops.

In collaboration with application partners, we will work to enhance the applications used on DaaS.

We are also planning to provide dedicated services that utilize specific industry applications.


We will deliver the latest information from NEOREKA Cloud PC

Business Team
  • 【重要なお知らせ】  NEOREKAクラウドPCサービス終了のご案内

  • ​2024年1月31日を持って標準サービスの提供は終了いたしました。


DaaS Basic Service price
has change

Monthly usage fee per user is 2,980 yen (without tax)


2021.11  NEW

User Disk Space  Add-on function is now available

Up to 70GB can be added in 5GB increments.



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Business Conversation

We have verified the operation of "Yubikura with" USB thin client.

In addition, we have verified the operation of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.



Construction cost management software, the "HONKE Series" is now available on the NEOREKA
Cloud PC.



VPN option service has been released



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Image by Austin Distel

Please feel free

to contact us

For inquiries regarding service contents and inquiries regarding applications, please use the form below.

[Service Provision / Operation]




Inquiry Form

Thank you for your inquiry

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Yokohama Landmark Tower, 10th Floor, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
220-8110 JAPAN

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